Tuesday, September 2, 2008

been thinking

Lately, I've been thinking about Charlton Heston, the Wiimote, Ico (beautiful first gen PS2 game), gangstas, RoboCop, and Frogger.

I finally start painting today. I should be able to layout everything, I hope. I want to complete a painting per week, just working away. The worst part of starting to paint is actually starting it, laying out my paints and all that. I'm real lazy at times. Once I start, I get in "the fuckin' zone chief."


Michael said...

Hey Juan,
I've been meaning to ask you... when you start a painting, do you sketch everything out in pencil or an earth-tone or what? After that, do you the entire painting in one shade and then glaze, or something else all together? thanks.

Juan said...

i dont sketch anything in pencil. i look at my source and begin. i do grid my panel though (i use the X format). i sometimes use an earthtone ground (half raw umber, half burnt sienna). i dont do my paintings in one shade. i use liquin as a medium so it leaves a shiny like appearance, but not that much. then if i want it to shine, i put a coat of plain liquin over the painting. i did that for the party painting i had in the hoodang! show. are you gonna paint?