Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New News

Nothing new on the ZBrush front. In other news, I am going to Japan. I leave Monday March 16th and arrive Tuesday, in Nagoya. What? Nagoya you say? Isn't that where Marlow & Ant live? Absolutely they do. They've been gracious enough to put me up until I get a job and place. Risky move to go there with no job in hand. But like Dwight Schrute in that episode of The Office when he got fired, I am optimistic that I can find something. This is the liberty I've won for myself, Outer Eikawa.

I am f**king excited. It won't set in till I arrive at the airport.

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Seth said...

bro, congratulations man. I am so proud of you and its pretty freaking sweet you're leaving for japan so soon. It's risky, yeah, but if anyone has the cajones to pull it off its you.