Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kid's Kabuki

Two weeks ago, we (Marlow, Ant and I) went to Tarui in Gifu Prefecture. Our friend Yukiko invited us to her hometown during early April. We got there a bit before 11am. They had a Kid's Kabuki show. I'm not familiar with Kabuki theatre but according to Yukiko, they use an older Japanese language and she didn't understand many of the words. I told my Japanese coworkers about the show and they even admitted that they didn't understand most of the dialogue when they had seen Kabuki before. There were three shows but we only stayed for one.

Afterwards, we met Yuki-chan's obachan (grandmother). Marlow, Ant and I got Yuki-chan's grandmother and parents fruit baskets. After the short visit, we then headed to Yukiko's house. They prepared for us a delicious lunch.

We had some American food (hah) like chicken wings and mini pizzas and other Japanese cuisine. It was all very good. We then headed for the mountain close by. We visited two shrines. The air smelled so funky fresh. I hope to go back and go hiking. We walked a bit up the base of the mountain and it seemed like a nice climb. Anyways, after we did some exploring we came back for dinner. It was magically delicious.

So, on to the Kabuki show. And here it is:

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Mike Reynolds said...

pizza with chopsticks? Now I've seen EVERYTHING