Saturday, August 23, 2008

Games in Art

Every year, there's The Game Convention held in Germany, sometimes called Liepzig Games Convention. Anyway, an exhibit by Douglas Edric Stanley was on display showing the game Space Invaders with the Twin Towers in them. Here is a video:

After watching the video, I think it's rather nice. People have their opinions before actually seeing the video and just form their thoughts when they read Space Invaders, Twin Towers and 9/11.

A major gaming blog Kotaku wrote an article about the exhibit, which I think was a great read. However, the comments left by readers and stories from news outlets was less than thrilling. It was what you would expect. I left some comments on the Kotaku site. There were two articles written by the staff at Kotaku which I will provide links to:

Hands-On: Losing The Twin Towers With Invaders!

Taito Considering Legal Action Against 9/11 Invader Artist

I'm happy to see games play a role in art these days. I think as games become more mainstream, we will see more game related content integrated in art.

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marlow said...

wow dude... i couldnt understand what it was when you were telling me about it but now that i see it i think its brillaint. i can see how people can think its offensive, but i think thats OK. i think its a great commentary on american culture actually. you can pull so many ideas from it; war is nothing more than a video game to those not involved, american youth would rather ignore the cold truth of whats happening to our society and kick back and play video games while the world around them changes rather then they leave their comfort zone and change the world.... many many ideas, great stuff...even if the 'artist' didnt intend it....... people becoming offended could be a good thing, they should ask 'why' they are offended and that could lead to more interesting truths.

really good post. i'm going to read more about it.